A Prune A Day

An apple a day is a great idea…because who doesn’t like apples? A prune a day on the other hand – I’ve found it a little more challenging to get my friends to participate in this practice.

The age old saying was actually originally phrased as, “Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” According to Caroline Taggart, author of “An Apple a Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs and Why They Still Work,” and Margaret Ely with The Washington Post, the idea first gained popularity in the 1860s, then continued to evolve and change in phrasing over the course of the several decades that would follow.

Long story short, yes, it’s true that apples are good for you! Will practicing an otherwise unbalanced, unhealthy diet be completely rectified by eating an apple? Probably not. But I think you probably already knew that, too.

So what’s with prunes? With so many delicious apple choices, why should we be eating prunes? And everyday?! In honor of my favorite human/grandmother who has been blessed to celebrate another birthday yesterday, I wanted to share a little insight on the magic of a dried plum.

Aside from prunes being high in dietary fiber (3% of recommended daily intake), they also contain high amounts of sugars which contribute in a positive way to encouraging the digestive system…aka they help you have healthy poos! 🙂 Additionally, prunes are good for your heart, hair, skin, and vision, and are considered a powerful antioxidant! But to be honest, none of these reasons alone are what make me interested in the dry fruit.

Believe it or not, a dried plum/prune can positively impact your brain power, i.e. boost your memory! How? Those antioxidants I mentioned help to aid or neutralize cell-damaging free radicals which affect how our brains “remember.” According to yourhealthtube, eating 3-4 a day is actually more recommend than just one, but all the same, incorporating the snack into your regular diet will not only boost the function of your brain, but help to improve your ability to remember, and learn new information.

My mom was who actually discovered the magic of the prune (meaning all it’s aforementioned benefits) just a few years ago, and shared it with me. Unfortunately influenced by the presence of dementia in our family, I’ve continued to make eating prunes a part of my daily routine – I even keep a snack bag in my desk at work! I will admit, they can take a while to grow on you if you’re not that into plums, or dried fruit, but I think most of my friends (who I’ve forced into giving them a try hehe) will agree, they can be tasty. And isn’t everything a little more enjoyable when you know all the good it’s doing for your insides?

It’s no secret that as we age, memory loss is more and more common, even without a disease diagnosis. Why not try to fight that commonality, even if only by slight measure?

My favorite prunes (much like my favorite everything) are just $2.89 for a 16 oz bag at Trader Joe’s. Even sharing a few here and there, this will last me about 3-5 weeks!


Another good ol’ prune is the individually wrapped Sunsweet Ones, which you can get in a 12 oz bag from Walmart or Target for around $5-$6. These are good if you want to throw a few in your purse or gym bag, and always have them available to you on the go.

Happy pruning, happy remembering, and happy birthday, to my sweet, sweet Grandma! 🙂