Maybe you’ve seen my hashtags, maybe not. If you’ve made it here though, chances are you’ve at least seen my Instagram or Snapchat photos/stories, so it should come as no surprise: your girl loves dem eggs!

Okay, so no…I don’t actually eat eggs all day, but I do eat them close to every single day for breakfast. Depending on the day, I sometimes try to work one in to dinner or lunch!

Why eggs? Easy: eggs are high in protein, low in fat, and rich in a ton of vitamins such as B, D, zinc, and iron! Not to mention they’re delicious, and super inexpensive. I prefer to eat eggs after my workouts because they help me to feel quickly refueled, and I feel satisfied/full until lunchtime!

When I was in high school, eggs were my go-to after school snack because it was almost too easy to prep them in the morning then eat them hard-boiled, or whip them up with salt and pepper to enjoy them scrambled. (Latch-key kids anyone?) I remember during my sophomore year in my favorite class (Health), my teacher explained it could be bad for our bodies to eat too many eggs. Raising my hand I inquired, “I eat eggs everyday. Is that bad?” Acutely aware of my athletic involvement at the time, my teacher/track coach explained to me and the class that it was probably okay for me to eat eggs because I otherwise lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. However, he noted, eggs can increase cholesterol levels, and create a risk factor for people more susceptible to diabetes or heart disease. I didn’t share out loud with the class or my teacher, but knowing diabetes is actually a prominent ailment in my family, and with an admittedly weak understanding of my own body and nutrition in general, I quietly decided that day to lower my egg-intake.

My attention to nutrition, and overall maintenance of my health went downhill after high school, and I didn’t really find it again until after college. Clearly a lot has changed in a decade, but remembering this story reminds me how important it is to not only be aware of what I am putting into my body, but to have an actual understanding of how what I eat affects my body, specifically.

So overtime, eggs worked their way back into my daily routine, and there’s no looking back from here! I buy at least a dozen eggs every week, and always go for cage-free organic if they’re available. With great brands like Pete and Gerry’s and Oliver’s Organic Eggs (both ~$5-$6 in most NY groceries), it’s easy to know I am getting quality ingredients for a good value. Although Vital Farms is a bit more pricey (usually ~$7-$8 at Whole Foods), I sometimes splurge for this option, as well.

While I’d like to say I am an egg-master chef, the truth is, I typically go for a simple and quick poached egg on avocado toast, or if I’m adding an egg to another meal, will do any preparation that leave the yolk a little runny. Check out some of my favorites below, and happy #eggsallday!

This morningMedium boiled
I usually try to give myself time to enjoy a non-rushed breakfast at home, but who am I kidding? Sometimes such a privilege is rare! Even though most of my go-to recipes are pretty quick, I end up eating within 7-10 minutes so that I can get back to getting ready for work and making it to my train in time. This morning was no different, except I found myself trying to decide between making my eggs, or having to grab breakfast on the go. Instead, I landed on, “Why not both?”

I brought 1 cup of water to an easy boil and tossed in two eggs still in the shell. After digging out a small glass-lock container (still haven’t unpacked from my recent move hehe), I slipped them still hot into my purse and hit my commute. On the way, I picked up a $1 Avocado spread from Starbucks, and crossed my fingers that the kitchenette in the office wouldn’t be too crowded. 4 minute-toast later, and my eggs were already peeled and ready to top off my quick brekkie! Yum!

Keep in mind, typically the eggs will continue to “cook” a little bit as they cool, so if you’re going for a medium boil (yolk still a touch jelly-like), you might consider how quickly you plan to eat them after they finish cooking. Since I knew my eggs would be completely cooled before I got to peel them at work, I only boiled them for about 3-4 minutes.

Easy Scrambled
Not completely over-easy, not completely scrambled – this combo is the best of both worlds. Prepare your eggs the way you typically would to scramble them – mix in a little salt, pepper, and milk of your choosing. Then, as you cook them (on med-low heat), instead of scrambling them up, flip them into a sort of omelette style, so that the outside cooks and the inside stays a little runny. Usually for 4-6 minutes, depending on how many eggs you use.


Pink Poached Egg
One of my favorites – this poached egg steals the show with it’s pretty hue and flavor, thanks to a 1/4 cup of beet juice! Add the secret ingredient to about 3/4 cup of water, and bring the mixture to a boil. Slide in your egg (already cracked), and reduce the boil to a low simmer for about 3-4 minutes. Serve with your favorite Farmers Market veggies for the most colorful of brunches!

Poached Egg Avocado Toast
Go poached or go home? The trick to a fancy poached egg is more than perfecting the timing. Try adding a little bit of salt to the water before sliding in the egg, and then give the mixture a little swirl within the first few seconds of dropping the egg in. This will help the egg white to curl up around the yolk so that you don’t lose part of it off in the water. Also, a pro-tip when preparing any kind of egg in water, use a stainless steel pot to avoid scorching the material! Poached Egg Avocado Toast is my favorite because I can pop the toast in the toaster oven (6 minutes), peel and mash my avocado (3 minutes), all while the water is boiling (5 minutes), and then I drop my eggs in and let them cook while I prepare the toast (4 minutes). Total time=less than 10 to whip up, less than 10 to eat! 🙂

Author: Tenika Seitz

Whatever you are, be a good one.

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