Re-Freakin-Introduction!: My Elimination Experience

Finally! The day(s) have come to reintroduce all those beloved favorites I’ve/we’ve missed so much…you know what I’m talking about: chocolate and bananas, of course – the straggler triggers we eliminated mid-process, plus all those other goodies: corn, ice cream, and least we neverrrrr forget GLUTEN! I am so. freaking. pumped! I’ll add a brief, all-inclusive recap below:

We had to be strategic in our planning of the re-introduction phase because it is SO important in order to get the most out of the whole experience. If you aren’t careful about re-introducing the food which had been eliminated, then all the struggling and cleansing was basically for nothing. This being an obstacle enough as it is, Brenen’s birthday is coming up, and you know we gotta celebrate appropriately (pancakes, ice cream and beer=mandatory). So we decided to take a less common approach upon reintroducing, and DIDN’T do less obvious triggers first. Instead, we got alcohol out of the way early, each enjoying a plain cocktail with soda water, kind of as a celebratory toast to our diet’s plateau. Brenen went with tequila and I gave vodka a try. One drink was enough for me to realize I did not really miss that much at all (lol), so the next day we actually attempted some food. First up was gluten, and cue the most unexpected reaction ever: on schedule to knock out a 10 mile run Thursday morning, I woke up from a perfect sleep that followed a mere 1 cup of whole wheat pasta the night before and I felt I had gained 100 pounds! It was incredible, and feels almost impossible to properly explain. I felt as if I had never run before in my life, my whole body was just overall heavy, and I had to stop running every 1/2 mile or so to catch my breath. It was the weirdest experience of my life, and I was so shocked to feel this way after almost 3 full weeks of otherwise feeling perfect! I went from being pumped, to legitimately being fearful of introducing the next item. For that reason, it took me almost 3 full days to move on to the next food group: dairy. I drank half a glass of 2% milk with dinner, and then held my breath until my body and mind forced me to sleep. I woke up the day after feeling completely fine, and decided to continue with the process. Soy, caffeine, nor eggs gave me any trouble (although Brenen wouldn’t be able to say the same for himself), but I continued to stay away from gluten for the full week that would follow. Finally, after my final trigger: peanuts, I decided to give gluten a final try. Again, I woke up the following day feeling sluggish, and just “not my best.” I figured the conclusion was just that gluten was something to which my body, specifically mood and energy level, must be sensitive. It’s not the end of the world – this is why I did this diet in the first place! Right?

UPDATE: Several weeks removed from the experience, I have decided I cannot (and do not want to) run from gluten forever. I have stuck to 100% whole grain items that contain gluten, and have worked my body upward to a level of being able to maintain a level of energy and a positive mood I can be proud of, while still leading a completely full, balanced diet. I’ll update soon with some of my favorite gluten-go-to’s, for anyone looking to keep the good ol’ boy around, without letting it weigh you down! 🙂

Author: Tenika Seitz

Whatever you are, be a good one.

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