The Second Weekend: My Elimination Experience

This weekend was so easy! Even with mom and Taylor visiting, I was able to make it work and never felt pressured to lose control or sway off course. Okay, so the trip to Dō was a little unsettling – the new cookie dough dessert store between West Village and SoHo is what I imagine all dreams are made of, but ALWAYS has over an hour wait lined down the block. Of course, when we strolled by around opening on Thursday, there were only a few others ahead of us, and mom and Taylor got to walk straight in! I couldn’t believe it, and it was truly very tempting to just have a little taste (of everything!) but after thorough investigation of all of their allergens, I excused myself to wait outside with the mantra and self-promise that I will get to go back one day…and have a short and sweet wait like they did 🤦🏽‍♀️

My sister is a newfound fan of Korean BBQ, so we had to hit up K-Town during their stay, plus my mom has never been. I got us a table at my favorite little restaurant, and our sever could not have been more accommodating. I was prepared, of course, having packed enough snacks to get me through dinner without having to eat much (if anything) from the restaurant. But I explained my restrictions when we first sat down (yes, all of them!) and she made me feel as if I was actually enjoying Korean BBQ on any other trip. We communicated through broken but guided understandings of one another and she blockaded the items I wasn’t able to enjoy, serving them on the complete opposite side of the table, and waving me off as she sat them down. At first, I expected this to leave me with little options, but she ensured what could be compromised by the rest of the group was done so, and she continually brought refills of the goodies I could have so that I didn’t go hungry. And by the end of the experience I was far from it. I chowed down on rice, pear root, plain cabbage and lettuce, an unseasoned Asian salad, and of course all of the non-marinated meat I could get to before the others. It was good, as always, but being able to enjoy it now made it better than ever.

To be honest, “inclusion” has been somewhat of a hot topic throughout this experience. I think I entered into the diet under the assumption I would be shunned from friends, or that my restrictions would be ignored by others around me – especially those that I didn’t even know, like our server that night. I’ve been exceptionally pleasantly surprised to learn things have been much of the opposite. Not only do I feel as if my friends and family have been supportive of my endeavor, but so have complete strangers. “It is what it is,” has been the popular attitude, and at best, I sometimes even get questions from people who want to learn more about the diet. I guess making diet changes, or even participating in a healthy lifestyle nowadays can sometimes be looked at kind of sideways, almost as if others are afraid one who does take such actions in their life indicates they believe themselves to be better. I certainly don’t consider myself better than any other human! At the same time, I personally believe making any kind of diet/exercise/health related change should benefit YOU and your lifestyle/health and fitness goals. It’s been reassuring, encouraging, and overall an extremely positive experience feeling as if I am surrounded by such support, or at least indifference.

And of course the most supportive of all — after company left, Brenen and I had a little diet-date, and were lucky to find a cute little Vegan spot in our neighborhood: Rockin’ Raw. Without having to ask, the entire menu automatically met all our requirements: no gluten, no soy, and everything vegan friendly! We each enjoyed our own absurd combinations of brunch and finished with a homemade dessert. I got a chocolate cheesecake and he a sweet iced carrot cake.

The weekends were a top concern a few weeks ago, but this entire weekend just felt peaceful. It was easy, and we are so happy. Not to mention, waking up on Sunday with full bodied energy heading into the week has been the best perk of all! I can feel myself getting stronger every day, and I can’t wait to move forward and see where (else) this journey takes me/us! 🙂

Day 10: 03/10
No Exercise

Peach tea w/steamed lemonade
1 dried prune

Rice cake w/almond butter
Green grapes for snack  

Korean BBQ
-Non-marinated meat
-Raw vegetables
-Unseasoned cabbage/seaweed salad
-Plain white rice w/no soy
Day 11: 03/11
No Exercise

Peach tea w/steamed lemonade
Rice cake topped w/almond butter

Smoothie from IndieKitchen
-Fresh berries, spinach, almond milk, flax seed mix
SweetGreen Harvest Salad

1/2 Rotisserie Chicken from Chelsea Market
Antioxidant NutBox nut mix
Fresh grapes
Herbal (decaffeinated) Green Tea

Day 12: 03/12
Lemon Ginger Tea

Athletic Yoga w/Brenen & Jay 😊

Rockin’ Raw Ranchero
-two mini sun-dried tomato tortillas, topped with seed meat, sunflower queso fresco, fried ‘egg,’ spicy carob tomato sauce, and salsa
Rockin’ Raw “Fried Egg” Sandwich
-open faced, served with a ‘fried egg’ over sesame bread dressed with sliced avocado, sunflower cream cheese, tomato, and greens

Yogi Womens Energy Herbal Tea
Homemade Chili
-ground turkey, beans, tomatoes, seasoning, vegetables
Vanilla Home Free cookies

Author: Tenika Seitz

Whatever you are, be a good one.

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